Why choose us?

Customized Approach

Our goal is to find the optimal solution for you...not the optimal solution for us. Many advisors and managers will try to fit your needs within their products and services. Assure custom designs products and services to maximize the benefit to our clients.

Investment Expertise

Assure professionals have over 20 years of total private equity experience in fund selection, portfolio optimization and structuring, monitoring and direct investments, having previously worked for top-tier firms and with some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated private equity investors.


"The first step in exceeding your customer's expectations is to know those expectations." - Roy H. Williams

Customized Solutions

Assure believes that good solutions aren’t good enough. Our goal is to provide optimal solutions to our clients by customizing our products and services to their needs. By utilizing the unique backgrounds of the Firm’s professionals, Assure is able to develop innovative structures and service agreements to meet each client’s goals. The benefit to our clients is that solutions work seamlessly for their purposes. Our clients don’t experience the awkwardness of trying to fit a square problem into a cookie cutter, circle solution. Assure is flexible enough, with a diverse range of expertise, to create a solution tailored to your problem, whether it be a square problem, circle problem, or even a combination of both.

Fund Selection / Advisory. Fund selection is the bread and butter of any investment management or advisory firm. What sets us apart is our experience. Assure professionals have over 20 years of total private equity experience in fund selection, portfolio optimization and investment structuring. Our professionals have worked for top-tier firms and with some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated private equity investors. In addition, we have experience working with large, global funds and smaller regional funds; we have experience working with all major sub-asset classes of private equity and many niche strategies. Our experience benefits our clients, allowing us to find attractive fund investments regardless of the portfolio parameters and constraints.

Outsourced Investor Relations / Advisory. Assure builds and manages fund raising engines and investor relations processes and systems. Today, general partners are asked to fund raise longer and maintain closer relationships with current and potential limited partners, putting an unexpected strain on firm management, deal flow generation and portfolio oversight. Assure performs a majority of the investor relations and fund raising back office tasks (all tasks that do not require face-to-face meetings) providing general partners with more time to manage their firm. Assure approaches its GP advisory services from a limited partner point of view. When Assure is not working with GP’s it is sourcing and evaluating over 100 general partners each year, providing highly relevant insights into the current and ever changing LP community. Assure is not a placement agent and does not take a success fee but rather charges a monthly retainer for its services. Assure also provides outsourced CFO services allowing clients to select Assure for all of its back office needs.

Monitoring and Reporting Services. Like Assure’s other services, the Firm’s monitoring and reporting services are customized to the client’s needs and are designed to provide clients with important information in a timely manner. Assure monitors portfolio investments continuously relaying information as needed to the client, but no less than quarterly through a quarterly report. Each quarterly report includes an in-depth review of the overall portfolio and other important success measures, as well as a review of each underlying fund investment. These reports are custom designed for each client, providing them with the information most relevant to their specific needs and in a format and layout that is most useful to them.

Economic Development. Few, if any, fund of funds managers and advisors have the economic development experience that Assure has. This experience comes from managing one of the country’s most successful state-sponsored fund of funds. This program has generated not only strong investment performance, but has also generated some of the strongest economic development of any similar program. A driving contributor to this success was a focus on developing an ecosystem where investments and entrepreneurship can flourish. Rather than relying solely on making investments to drive economic development, like many other program managers, the program developed by Assure’s professionals focused on the entire ecosystem. Assure believes this holistic approach drives lasting economic development, long after the last investment dollars are deployed. Today, Assure consults with the US Small Business Administration on its $1 billion early stage venture capital program.

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