Assure Equity Partners (“Assure” or the “Firm”) is a leading LP and GP advisory firm working with clients throughout the US. Assure provides advisory services to general partners, family offices, wealth advisors, institutional and government programs. Assure’s experience combines over 20 years of private equity investment experience with proven, world-class expertise. Assure’s professionals have experience working at top-tier firms, one of the U.S.’ most successful state managed private equity funds of funds and with both small and very large private equity fund investors.

Customized Approach. Assure’s knows each client’s needs are different. So why do many managers use a standardized approach? Assure doesn’t believe they should. Often, these firms simply lack the expertise needed to create the optimal solution for clients. Assure’s approach utilizes the unique backgrounds of the Firm’s professionals to create customized solutions. Read more about Assure’s services.

Clients. Assure’s clients span the spectrum of small sub $10M funds to multiple billion in alternative asset allocation. Additionally, Assure provides services to general partners and fund managers. Notably, Assure provides due diligence and recommendation services to SBA on its $1B early stage venture capital program as well as services to family offices, foundations and general partners. Assure also works with general partners on their investor relations and fund raising efforts providing back office support so GP’s can more effectively spend their time on fund investments. Read more about Assure’s services.

Strong Investment Performance and Economic Development. Assure often works with government based (both state and federal) investment programs. Assure believes that it is distinctly positioned to offer superior advice to these clients. These clients often have unique needs that necessitate not only strong investment performance, but a desire to drive economic development within a specific region. These programs require more than simply investment experience and expertise. Assure’s experience includes managing one of the country’s most successful state sponsored fund of funds and working with the SBA. To find out how this experience can help you, click here.

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