Our Experience Makes A Difference

We have over 20 years of total private equity experience in fund selection, portfolio optimization and structuring, monitoring and direct investments. READ MORE

Think Economic Development - Think Assure

Our approach focuses on more than just investments - we build ecosystems where economic development can flourish. READ MORE

Maximum Benefit with Customized Solutions

We find the optimal solution for you...not the optimal solution for us. Our custom designed products and services are tailored to maximize your benefit. READ MORE

Assure Equity Partners

Assure Equity Partners ("Assure") provides private equity and alternative investment services to state, regional and institutional investment programs. Assure's experience uniquely positions it to assist clients, creating customized solutions based on their unique needs.

What we do?

  • Fund Investments
    Investment expertise comes with experience. Our team has over 20...
  • Economic Development
    Economic development is more than just investing capital in the...
  • GP Services
    Assure provides sourcing, marketing, and fund raising (not placement) services...

Our Clients